Wi-Fi sharing system


Did you know that there is almost no free Wi-Fi in Germany? Just ask your friends living in Germany how many free Wi-Fi points in their city. The answer will be something like this: maximum 1 out of 20 cafés. And this one is likely to be very much at risk. Another question: why your friends in Germany will never make an open Wi-Fi point themselves and do not even share the Internet with their neighbor?

About 99% of all our potential business clients, that are café, hotels, bars, etc., have no free wireless or have some on their own risk without filtering content with full accommodation of German law today. (The cost of such a risk is about 300-800 euro fine from the copyright holder after just 1 illegal film downloaded and the additional risk of legal actions because of unprotected Internet for children and censorship problem).



Our main goal today is a Berlin market with a huge modern target audience with mobile devices, where nevertheless lots of business’ owners forgot about free wi-fi feature. They have no idea that this is possible and not risky in Germany today with us.


Alternatives? Mobile is bad alternative

The 3G Internet cost in Germany is 20 € for 5 GB. For example, in Russia 5 GB of LTE data traffic (4G) costs 2,5-3 €! But even though people in Russia prefer to spend time in places with free wifi. For these reasons, the relevancy of Wi-Fi on the territory of Germany is high.


Solution What do we do and how it actually has to be done to share wi-fi in public place 100% legally:

Step 1We take care about all the traffic filtering with our centralize server.

Step 2We prepare special agreement page for users Internet sessions.

Step 3We block hidden traffic from torrent and other p2p programs.

Step 4We filter content to be safety for children.

This 4 steps must be in every shared wi-fi. Right now Nobody make all of that. Even Starbucks, Macdonald or other famous companies. We hope to make them our clients in nearest future.

Investments For the end of the current wave of investment and the start of sales left:

To become an investor, please contact us by e-mail wifi@bondap.com

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